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Интересная тема была затронута в форумах Lingvo. Про двуссмысленное звучание имени Winnie the Pooh. Нейтив-спикер Steve Munslow пишет так:

Poo and pooh are absolute homophones. I don’t know of any English dialect in which the length of the vowel is differentiated, which is perhaps why Milne spelled Pooh with an “h” in order to avoid confusion. As for Думают ли английские дети, что им читают про Винни-Какашку? – then you need an informant who remembers the very first time they heard the name Pooh, don't you? I would surmise that every time a child is introduced to Winnie the Pooh it is in a context where he/she will see the accompanying pictures in the book, so even if there is a momentary confusion, it is very brief. Also the full form “Winnnie the Pooh” will be the initial term used, before the use of "Pooh" alone.

Even more interesting, from the point of view of различение are cases of word-boundary detection, like “Ice cream” v “I scream”, (in experimental conditions, that is, I mean out of context).

Вопрос, imho, примерно аналогичен такому: слышат ли носители русского языка неприличные слоги в словах "парикмахерская", "страхуйте", "мохер" и т.п. Ясен пень, кто как... 

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