November 11th, 2017

Little Elephant

Дж. Роулинг про меня :)

Натолкнулся на слова Джоан Роулинг:
There are things you know that you have no idea you know—but your subconscious does, and that stuff will filter into your writing. As you write, you’ll discover things about yourself. You’ll clarify things, too, because it’s only as you come to write them that you realize they needed clarification in the first place. -- Joanne Rowling
Очень близкие мне слова. Я ведь и что-то в ЖЖ пишу именно по этой причине: I discover things about myself. Для меня -- такой подход работает!
Похожим образом устроено и преподавание. As you teach, you realize something needs clarification.