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Вирусные хроники

1. +16,8°С.
Трудно поверить, но с завтрашнего дня и до уикенда обещают метель, минусовые температуры и пр.
Погода ворчит: сидите ужо по домам!
2. Парацетамол таки изчез. Весь раскупили. Быстрее, чем гречку 10 дней тому назад. Маски в продаже есть.
3. Народу ощутимо меньше на улице. Самоизоляция приносит плоды.
4. BBC: The UK is facing a "significant period" of strict measures to cope with the coronavirus outbreak, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has said. He declined to predict exactly how long the instructions to stay at home could last, saying the date the virus peaked would depend on how people behaved. Mr Gove said it was "vitally important" to follow social distancing rules. It comes as Boris Johnson has written to all UK households saying
the crisis will get worse before it gets better. In the letter, being sent to 30 million homes, the prime minister warned stricter restrictions could be put in place if necessary.

5. Россия временно закрывает границу с 30 марта.
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