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Утренняя почта

"If you ask me why everyone is grabbing toilet paper, I can't really explain it," said Tom Sellars, CEO of Sellars Absorbent Materials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (CNN)
Its not yet clear that the Fed will need to keep rates this low until 2027, but it's possible. There never has been a crisis remotely like this in recent American history — this may be the biggest economic challenge facing the United States since the Great Depression. (CNN)
Shoppers face rationing at the supermarket till. (The Times)
NHS hospitals will stop all routine operations for at least three months and clear out thousands of patients without full assessments to free a third of the country’s beds to treat coronavirus. The procedures will be stopped from April 15, it was announced, as the head of NHS England said: “There is no health service in the world that would be able to cope if this virus let rip.” (The Times)
The coronavirus has now been reported in all 50 states, as the U.S. death toll crossed 100. (The New York Times)
More than 770 million learners worldwide are now being affected by school and university closures, according to the United Nations. The official [Chinese] mantra: “Stop classes but don’t stop learning.”(The New York Times)
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