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Осталась пара часиков лета...

Бэмс! Лето-то — всё! Мой учгод начнётся в понедельник. А пока надо потихоньку ментально погружаться и проникаться.
Вот натолкнулся на статейку в Cosmopolitan: 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a College Professor by Aileen  Gallagher, an assistant professor at Syracuse University's Newhouse School.
В целом — правильный текст. И финал — правильный: 
Students are the best part. Because they're young, because they're excited, because they're naive, because they're hilarious. Because when they are kind to each other, it makes your heart happy. Because they say "thank you" at the end of the semester, or even at the end of class. Because they laugh at your jokes or roll their eyes at appropriate times. Because they tell you their secrets. Because they push back. Because they ask good questions. Because they force you to bring it, every day. Because they have great ideas. Because they give your life meaning.
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